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Members of the Buckeye Chess Club enjoy keycard access to the club during normal club hours Thursday - Sunday (membership is only $40 annually and members enjoy many benefits). USCF rated tournaments are held every Thursday evening and this is your best opportunity for checking out our facilities. If you want to schedule a time to stop by the club please use the "Contact Us" link on the left as the club is NOT staffed all the time. To join our exciting new club use the "Club Membership" link on the left.



Good Luck to everyone playing in the King's Island Open!




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I wanted to thank everyone for participating in this years event. It was a huge success and everyone really seemed to enjoy the venue as all the comments I received were positive.

Emma Cheng and Ethan Fang take down the "Terminator"

"Aren't you going to finish the game? " My favorite quote from young Emma when Arnold came around thinking he was just going to sign an autograph.
He would have been better off just signing the autograph as she was up a piece only 7 moves into the game! Ethan did just as well as he was up several pieces and a pawn 15 -20 moves into the game.
The "Terminator" might be an avid chess player but he is no match for these two young chess players from CCL! GM Georgiev commented that Arnold did know his openings fairly well but it just goes to show you that hard work and study will pay off as Emma and Ethan were just too much for him.
Emma put it best... "Hasta la vista baby!

2015 Ohio Chess Congress

Click HERE for results and the prize list for the 2015 Ohio Chess Congress.

The Congress was hosted at the Ohio Union on the campus of The Ohio State University and was a huge success.

Thank you to all who came and supported us.

All profit was split between:

The Chess Club of OSU


Ohio Chess Association Scholastic Scholarships