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2015 Arnold Schwarzenegger Scholastic Chess Classic

Final Standings

Open Section

U1000 Section

U600 Section

NR 7-12 Section

NR 4-6 Section

NR K-3 Section

I wanted to thank everyone for participating in this years event. It was a huge success.
Next year will be even bigger and better.
If you have any follow up questions, feedback, or comments please use the Contact Us link on the left.
Sport of the Mind

Emma Cheng and Ethan Fang take down the "Terminator"

"Aren't you going to finish the game? " My favorite quote from young Emma when Arnold came around thinking he was just going to sign an autograph.
He would have been better off just signing the autograph as she was up a piece only 7 moves into the game! Ethan did just as well as he was up several pieces and a pawn 15 -20 moves into the game.
The "Terminator" might be an avid chess player but he is no match for these two young chess players from CCL! GM Georgiev commented that Arnold did know his openings fairly well but it just goes to show you that hard work and study will pay off as Emma and Ethan were just too much for him.
Emma put it best... "Hasta la vista baby!

2015 Columbus Open Chess Tournament - July 17 - 19, 2015

On July 17th - 19th the 2015 Columbus Open will be held at the Ohio Union on the campus of The Ohio State University. Hotel arrangements have been made at both the Blackwell Inn and the Varsity Inn South. DGT Boards will be used again on the top 6 boards and those games will be broadcast live at the site as well as live online. All prizes unconditionally guaranteed!

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Lou Friscoe of the Central Chess Club!


For The Love Of Chess... It's About Time Columbus Chess Has A Home!

Buckeye Chess Club now has a permanent home starting September 1, 2014! Located at 6321 East Livingston Ave. Reynoldsburg, OH 43068. Easy access to I-70 and I-270, plenty of free parking, and with over 600 square feet of space we will be able to accomodate around 30 players. We hope to see you soon and hope you will consider joining!

COLUMBUS OPEN 2014 WRAP-UP (6/30/14)

The turn-out was lower than normal but the tournament was a great success! At this years Columbus Open I brought in 6 of my personal DGT electronic wooden boards, clocks, and Cassia software which enabled me to broadcast the top 6 boards of the open section LIVE on my website as well as broadcast the games LIVE on a big screen at the tournament. This feature enhanced the privacy of the top 6 boards and still gave everyone an opportunity to watch the games and even talk amongst themselves about the games in progress without disturbing any of the players. I also brought my Monroi Hub which allowed me to LIVE broadcast games of anyone who was using a Monroi Personal Chess Manager (PCM). These features really elevated the quality of the tournament and all the feedback was extremely positive! Please let me know if you would like these features added to your next tournament (use the "Contact Us" button on the left).

GM Kudrin and IM Young

To replay any of the games from the Tournament that I have saved in PGN click here! These games include the top 6 boards in the open section along with some games from other sections as well.


I would like to thank everyone who participated in last years Buckeye Scholastic Chess Tournament. I would also like to thank all of my tournament directors and especially my volunteer staff ... you did a wonderful job! I received a lot of positive feedback and a few negative one's as well. Ultimately, if the kids enjoyed themselves that is what is most important to me. I am planning a much larger space in the Ohio Union next year to accomodate participants. The skittles area and playing area will both be on the first floor and the playing area will be in one room. I cannot change the start time as the Ohio Union does not allow us in until 9am when they open, so a 10:30 start time will be the same as this year as it was advertised. I hope to see everyone back next year!

Here are the results of this years tournament (click on any section):

College K-12 Open U900 U600 4-8 NR K-3 NR